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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dress Code Diatribe

A co-worker today is wearing a graphic concert t-shirt for some hard thrash-death-metal * band called "Cannibal Corpse". Sounds pretty inviting, doesn't it?

The front and back designs for this particular concert t-shirt are rife with disturbing and gruesome images that you'd more expect to find as part of some Clive Barker-style wet dream...complete with leashed she-beasts, hacked-up bloody corpses, and an alien monster being expunged from some poor womans gaping vagina. Fuck, these kinds of images would be enough to send Tori Amos back into crisis counciling for another fucking decade! Even H.R. Giger would be compelled to look away with modestly.

If she can get away wearing this kind of horrorshow getup and still be considered "Business Casual", then I'm equally sure that I could just show up tomarrow to work wearing nothing but an animal skin loin cloth, a purple strap-on dildo, and swinging a dead midget above my head and nobody would give two shits, or so much as even look at me twice.

* This had to be clearly explained to me lest I should misinterpret these frightening images as those of some traditional old-timey folk singer instead. What, do I have "Dumbass" written across my forehead or something?


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