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Monday, July 11, 2005

Men's Fashion Faux Pas (Part Deux)

Why are men suddenly wearing clam diggers?

When did this become a popular fashion trend? Nobody ever actually goes clam digging!

These ridiculous looking baggy pants with the ¾ cut pant leg and draw string at the cuff (for synching shut the pant legs when you're out MUCKING FOR FUCKING CLAMS!) are not what I would consider to ever be a good look for men, unless you’re, say, Errol Flynn maybe.

The ¾ clam digger pants are normally accessorized with a loose poofy shirt that gives off that, oh so casual, Pirates of the Caribbean look. Great if you’re vacationing on a private Cuban beach; not if you’re just some schmuck at the bus stop on the corner of 5th and Main.

I’ll stick to wearing my sarong thanks, Captain Highliner. Try and not to get any tartar sauce on those ridiculously large cuffs you pansy-looking ass clown.


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