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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Men's Fashion Faux Pas

There is a team manager working today that is wearing a new dress shirt that would have otherwise been pretty snazzy, except that it had these huge fucking monster cuffs on the sleeves wrist.

Is this the new style of men’s dress fashions – because these motherfuckers were as huge as they were ridiculous looking?!

It looks like some exaggerated superhero’s costume where the cuffs jut out at the wrists and double as a set of wings. I bet if I threw this manager off the roof of the building he’d probably be able to glide back down to the curb safely.

Honestly, they were that huge! For adequate sized cufflinks, you would've needed two bocce balls on a tether.

You know who looks good in huge cuffs - WONDER WOMAN, that’s who! Not dudes in pastel colored dress shirts and power ties – they look like something that you’d see climbing out of the back seat of a tiny car with a dozen other clowns.


  • So then I guess I should take this shirt back that I bought for you...

    By Blogger STP, at 3:39 PM  

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