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Monday, September 05, 2005

When the Levee Breaks

Okay, somebody has to say it: what the fuck is going on down in New Orleans?

Hurricane refugees are running amok in the streets and are now even shooting at police and National Guard officials, rescue workers, relief volunteers, anchormen, camera crews, each other, and anything or anybody else that should dare twitch a muscle or, heavens forbid, wade out into the open. I just don’t fucking get it. Don’t these people want help, or are these just the morons who when hurricane Katrina hit shore, decided to down all their toxic snortables, smokeables, and consumables in order to keep it all out of harms way – and they’re still riding the intense god-like high?

In hindsight of this tragedy, I can understand the victimized people looting to a point; I mean, who wouldn’t want to throw a garbage can through the front window of an electronics’ store if given the opportunity? I bet that shit is a real scream when the world is falling to pieces around your ears. But what I can’t understand is why go so far as to hinder rescue efforts by using rescue officials as target decoys? Where the fuck is the good sense in that?

Somebody explain this to me…please!

When all this is over, said and done, I hope the media pictures of all these armed vigilante assholes who are living out their “Gunfight at the OK Corral” fantasies in disaster areas by shooting at those trying to aid and assist others in need will be postered on every post office and corner shop wall until they are all hunted down like the scum they are and had their genitals fed to hungry wolves.

P.S. In a stroke of good fortune, the Neville Brothers have been located and are reported to be safe and unharmed. They were spotted by a rescue plane in the area floating on a make-shift raft, which later turned out to be Dr. John wearing a pair of water wings.


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