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Monday, March 06, 2006

Tim Horton's Horrorshow (Reprise)

I have clearly articulated before that I am already skeptical of anything to do with Tim Horton's. In fact, I'll even go on record to add that I now can't even stand people who frequent Tim Horton's either. They're like mindless zombies in that they simply cannot function adequately unless they have their beloved Timmy's in hand.

I'd rather allow myself to be used as the love toy for a Greek army battalion than be forced to work in the near vicinity of any person who fixates on their Double-Double's in the same way that zombies seek out brains on which to feed.

I just consider it bad mojo.

I was almost mowed down today at an intersection by some idiot behind the wheel of his SUV as he tried to "Roll up the Rim to Win!" instead of focusing on the road in front of him like he should have been. Heaven's forbid that I should ever come in the way of his winning another large coffee and bagel! I hope that underneath the rim of his coffee, instead of the usual contest disclosure, he found the following warning:

"Watch the fucking road, jackass!"


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