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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Anyone for Tennis?

The American media is currently having a lot of fun at the expense of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaeda’s head honcho in Iraq, after the release of three more propaganda video tapes from Al-Qaeda leaders.

The videos were released to Islamic Websites just recently in an attempt to embarrass the West by showing that the terrorists were still able to communicate with their followers, despite the intensive efforts to capture or kill them and the $25 million bounty that is on each of their heads.

More videotapes of angry, bearded guys in turbans – just what this world needs more of.

This time, however, it seems that some outtakes from these particular videos were found during a routine military raid in Afghanistan that depict some rather entertaining scenes involving al-Zarqawi

Uh-oh, somebody found Osama’s private terrorist Blooper Reel.

One video that the American media is having fun with is one that shows al-Zarqawi having trouble firing a machine gun for the camera. It seems that the mighty terrorist leader doesn’t know how to unjam his own weapon. Some killer.

Oops. Is this thing on?

However, I would like to caution the media (like they would ever listen anyway) about making too much light of al-Zarqawi. After all, if he’s such an incapable, bumbling moron, as they seem to be suggesting…



It has also been suggested that al-Zarqawi, instead being the seasoned, war-hardened veteran that he portrays himself as is, in actuality, someone who clearly can’t handle his firearms.

That’s an interesting comment considering Vice President Dick Cheney just finished shooting some guy in the face on a quail hunting trip! Umm, hello?

Perhaps, we could settle the whole crisis in the Middle East with a skeet shooting competition between al-Zarqawi and Cheney. Of course, given the marksmanship of both leaders, perhaps it would just be easier, and quicker, to just duke it out on the dessert battlefield as is currently happening.

World diplomacy demands that these two dipshits face each with dueling pistols at dawn. And no matter what the outcome of this contest may be - at least it's safe to say that everyone would come out a winner.


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